RV – Motorhome Loans with your interest in mind!

RV – Motorhome Loans with your interest in mind!

RV Financing Direct specializes in making competitive rate loans for general RV and motorhome industry. RV Financing Direct finances new and used RV’s purchases, refinances existing RV, Motorhome loans.

The benefits your receive from RV – Motorhome finance
RV Financing Direct arranges recreatonal loans with a multitude of investors, ensuring the lowest fixed interest rates in the RV – Motorhome finance industry. This allows the RV - Motorhome loan borrower to receive the most affordable monthly payment with the security of knowing that the rate is fixed and will not increase when interest rates increase.

At RV Financing Direct we understands the exceptional credit profile that most RV – Motorhome owners possess. Our loan programs allow for minimal down payment as little as 10% in most instances and extended loan terms as much as 20 year amortization, and up to 100% depending upon amount financed and credit profile. RV loans are simple interest.

Types of RV – Motorhome loans made
• Motorhome
• 5th Wheel
• Travel Trailer
• Older Collateral up to 10 years old
• LLC’s / Montana LLC’s
• Trust’s
• Full Timers
• Personal Usage

Apply for an RV – Motorhome loan now or obtain a free, personalized rate quote

RV – Motorhome offers individuals that are interested in RV – Motorhome finance a number of options while visiting the RV Financing Direct’s web site.

1. Apply for an RV or Motorhome loan now, utilizing on-line application. This credit application will accept purchase, refinance and loan requests. Completion of the on-line RV – Motorhome credit application is the fastest way to begin the loan process, as the application system will begin the approval process immediately.

2. Download a print RV loan application. Upon completion of the print application, credit applicants can either mail of fax the form to our office at 407-862-2298.

3. Request a personalized rate quote. By completing the requested information, RV Financing Direct will provide you with a rate quote that takes into consideration the type of RV , usage, collateral age and requested loan amount.

4. Pre qualify for an RV – Motorhome loan, by utilizing either the on-line RV credit application link or the print application link. If you wish to pre qualify, simply complete the application utilizing an RV – Motorhome that is similar in nature to the type that would ultimately be purchased. Once an actual RV – Motorhome is selected, RV – Motorhome will issue a formal RV – Motorhome finance commitment.

Factors affecting the interest rate, loan term and advance amount
• RV – Motorhomes Make
• RV – Motorhomes Model
• RV – Motorhomes Modifications
• RV Opitions
• Year of Build
• Engine (Gas) (Diesel)
• Milelage
• Intended Usage (Casual) (Fulltimer)
• Borrowers Credit Profile
• Form of Ownership (personal) (LLC)
• State where located

RV Financing Direct – Making RV – Motorhome loans in your best interest!

RV Financing Direct is a servicemark of Excel Credit, Inc, a company that offers specialty finance products including aircraft, boat and RV loans.

RV Financing Direct offers fast service. Most RV – Motorhome loan applicants obtain a loan approval within 24 hours from the time of application. Once approved we will coordinate a loan closing and arrange to have the loan proceeds available in a timely manner.

RV Financing Direct’s RV – Motorhome finance team is made up of loan professionals who understand the specific needs of RV – Motorhome owners. Loan clients and the information provided are handled professionally and discreetly.

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